Friday, November 04, 2005

My advice to Scott McClellan. DUCK!

It seems there was a story in the Washington Post that made a bit of a splash on November 3rd. There are those who have seen the fingerprints of Scott McClellan all over the anonymous source quoted in the story. The story basically says that Karl Rove is still in jeopardy from the special counsel investigation, (I think that's true) and questioning how effective Mr. Rove can be if he continues in his current position in this administration.

The part that points to McClellan is the assertion that mid level staffers are frustrated by McClellans credibility being questioned due to his role in asserting during a press briefing that Mr. Rove had no part in the Valerie Plame outing. There are several other parts that discuss the role of the press secretary in a rather odd manner, not typically seen in stories of goings on in the administration.

This is a prediction. Scott McClellan is not long for this administration, and his exit is not going to be pretty. Karl Rove is a ruthless political killer. I wouldn't be surprised if McClellan were somehow linked to Jeff Gannon in an underhanded attempt to question McClellans sexual orientation.

The only thing that I see might be a mitigating factor for the press secretary is that this would be another blow to an already shaken White House. But Karl has been known for viciously attacking Repuclicans who don't see things his way in the past. I tend to believe it is just in his nature to be a slimeball and I haven't seen anything to show this is a wrong opinion of the man.

Then again I could be all wet on this and nothing whatsoever will happen. This wouldn't be the first or last time I was wrong...

Hey bhfrik,

I won't be in your neck of the woods anytime soon...I found your blog on Technorati, one of 22 blogs that link to the WaPo Rove article.

Great post, great blog name.
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