Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Presidential gibberish...

So I'm doing my daily rounds of the internets which includes a quick stop by Whitehouse.gov when I stumbled over some health care event in which the President took a rhetorical long walk off a short pier. Check this out. (As always, whenever I link to the White House I include a disclaimer that recent events have shown their lack of concern for your privacy rights so click these links at your own risk.)
And one of the lessons of September the 11th, 2001, is that this sense of -- that tyranny is okay, but underneath the surface there was resentment. And the way -- and anger, that became the breeding grounds for these killers. And the best way to defeat that is with the light and hope of democracy.
Erm... One of the lessons of 09/11 is that America ought to inflame the Arab world, boost the recruitment of our terrorist enemies and provide them with a real world theater in which to hone their evil talents?

Quite frankly I am sick and freaking tired of this administration misusing 09/11 in partisan pursuits and off handed justifications for past mistakes. Dec. 07 is a day that will live in infamy, and Sept. 11 is a day that Republicans have determined will live in partisanship. How positively sickening. Sept 12 was a day of unity, on both the domestic and international fronts. Having once tasted the sweet nectar of public approval President Bush is drawn like the moth to the porchlight to recall those days when he could do no wrong. He has squandered that domestic and international good will, mainly by pursuing a needless war in Iraq, yet he still persists on going to the "lessons of Sept. 11".

I believe it is high time that Sept. 11 be taken from the Republicans and this administration as a partisan issue. I do not call for this to become an issue for Democrats. I think it would be quite simple to point out several other lessons of 09/11, like most notably when the President is explicitly warned of possible terrorist plans to hijack air liners he ought to pay attention, and several other embarrassing lessons for this administration. Yet my belief is that Sept. 11 simply should not be a partisan issue, period.

On to the overall point the President seems to be trying to make. When he says that there was an over riding sense that tyranny was ok, what is he talking about? As far as I know, this administration is hardly renouncing our allies in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan or any of several dozen other tyrannies who are allied with us in the war on terror. Indeed by Bush's reasoning, these governments foster the environment that feeds terrorism. Is tyranny ok there? If not when do we march to correct our allies?

Osama Bin Laden is a product of Saudi Arabia, as were most of the hijackers of 09/11 and not one of the hijackers hailed from Iraq. Yet we choose to apply this so called lesson of 09/11 to Iraq? It is apparent that whoever is teaching this administration the lessons of 09/11 obtained their teaching credentials via fraudulent means.

But let us face the facts here. The hatred of the Arab street directed at America is hardly rooted in the local forms of government. The elephant in the room which this administration seems incapable of addressing in any real manner is the Israeli, Palestinian conflict. If anything the recent expression of democracy by the Palestinians in bringing Hamas to power points to the fallacy of this administrations democracy is the answer fixation. The truth of the matter is that given true freedom to vote, the democratic response from nearly every populace in that region would be the installation into power of our sworn terrorist enemies.

It is vitally important that the Israeli/Palestinian issue be solved to begin to unravel the puzzle that we are faced with in the middle east. That is the cornerstone, the root of the entire issue. I wish this administration would have spent 1/10th of the effort expended in one day of the war in Iraq towards the Israeli/Palestinian issue during the entire year of 2001. In the meantime, when it comes to democracy in the middle east, perhaps this administration should be more careful, or else they just may get what they wish for.

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