Friday, June 01, 2007

Yammering George...

Several times through out the history of this obscure little blog I have advised anyone who cared that one of the most obvious actions to stop the bleeding of public support for President Bush would be to put a muzzle on him. Yet day after day we are treated to speeches, news conferences, and sundry other events featuring Bush speechifying on the issue at hand. Often we have multi appearances in the same day by the President who will not be silenced.

Last month a delegation of moderate Republicans (read Republicans who fear losing the next election) told the blabbering President to have General Petraeus be the voice of the administration on the war because Bush had lost all credibility on the issue. The Iraq war is Bush's signature issue. Bush has his own party telling him he's lost credibility on Iraq, the central issue of his Presidency, but he's still out there day after day drawling on and on. Take a hint Mr. President.

The sad fact is that this is a manifestation of the Presidents bull headed determination to ignore obvious reality and continue in the ways he's always proceeded. The President has been front and center on the public stage, attempting to use his bully pulpit to push his agenda since he was installed by the Supreme Court in 2001. The administration should look back on the wreckage this tactic has left in their wake, and reconsider the efficacy of the President's speechifying.

Recall the President kicking off 2005 by going around the nation with his fake town hall meetings stacked with worshipful Bushies in a miserable failure of an attempt to privatize social security. Then came the absolute public relations disaster that was the President trying to be all leadery in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The President made a big push immediately prior to the 06 midterms which many Republicans blame, in part, for costing them seats in Congress. The best proof of that was how the sensable Congressional Republicans refused to campaign with the President when he came a-callin'. The king of all public relations disasters was not the President missing in action during some crucial moment which cried for his public leadership. It was the President standing under that MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner and yammering away.

There has been one memorable success I can think of in the history of Bush public appearances. The famous bull horn moment. Well guess what? Finding one nugget of gold doesn't mean you can keep digging endlessly in the same hole and expect a big payday every day going forward.

Now the President has taken to speechifying in support of the immigration bill, which has the red meat koolaid drinkers up in arms. We may have thought rock bottom in the polls was 28%, but Bush has managed to revert to his days as a Texas Oil baron and start drilling through his base support. Once he starts losing those folks, it's going to really get ugly. Erm... make that really get uglier, because the Presidents public approval is really ugly anyway.

So again, I offer my never to be humble opinion to any toady with some pull at the White House... If they want to stop this bleeding of approval, put a muzzle on the President. Now he is starting to lose the base!

Bush's moment of gold, as you called it, was when he grabbed that bullhorn in New York City to be his cheerleading self. Turns out someone from Bush's party saw a guy on the scene leading others in the recovery effort and thought it was a great photo opportunity for Bush. So it was a staged scene from the word go! The guy who was using the bullhorn originally was pushed aside so that Bush could look good on the scene, stopping the man's efforts to help recover any victims and direct assistance where needed. It was a photo op just like the "Mission Accomplished" banner. Heck of a job that there president is doing don't you think?
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