Thursday, December 29, 2005

British torture memos...

Daily Kos has posted several memo's that the British government has been fighting to keep secret. The memos in large part are from Craig Murray who was the British ambassador to Uzbekistan, and is now attempting to publish a book that would prove the wests complicity in using information taken from the worst imaginable forms of torture.

Please read these memos. The importance of these documents can not be overstated.

The depths of depravity by our Uzbeki "allies" can be found in the State Departments 2004 report on human rights.
The Government maintained that extensive burns on the two men's bodies were the result of a tea fight; however, independent analysis by experts in the United Kingdom of photographs taken shortly after their deaths concluded that the men had likely been suspended in boiling water.
A tea fight? A TEA FIGHT?!? That must be some Uzbeki attempt at sick humor. Yet we consider these thugs an ally in the war on terror, and we use intelligence taken from them using these tactics? Shame!

Yep. It's coming. See my comments below.
Did my part.

The Official Secrets Act is a draconian little piece of legislation, widely abused too, I might add.
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