Monday, June 26, 2006

Double the irony...

Rush Limbaugh has run into trouble over prescription drugs again. He was detained at an airport after authorities discovered a bottle of Viagra that did not have his name on the label. The prescription was made out to two doctors, and the explanation by the Limbaugh folks frankly leaves me scratching my head.

The claim is that Limbaugh had the prescription for Viagra mislabeled in order to protect his privacy. One must wonder though how exactly that is supposed to work if you are currently under probation for abusing prescription pain killers. Would not the midlabeling of prescription drugs in his possession turn into far more than a bit of personal discomfort under the terms of the deal Limbaugh reached with prosecutors over his doctor shopping for pain killers? I mean to have the event trumpeted around the world must really be causing far more embarrassment than a trip to the pharmacy by Rushes maid would have engendered...

Am I the only one here to look at this and wonder what Limbaughs wife might have to say about all this? Oh thats right... Rush Limbaugh isn't married! By definition then, he is engaging in adultery. What are all the ditto heads and Republican administration bootlickers... all the koolaid drinkers and neocon toadies, going to think of their boy now? Is there not a great deal of irony here. The very mouthpiece of right wing intolerance and moral pomposity is now cold busted as an adulterer.

The truth here is that we all knew this was the case anyway. It truly doesn't matter. Rush could be caught on tape french kissing the President, and their fans would merely blame Sony for manufacturing the camera that busted them. The fact is that koolaid drinkers don't care about truth, right or wrong, morality or anything else that may shake their confidence in what they already have determined to be the way things ought to be.

In case you doubt this, just listen to the reaction of the right to the story of Limbaughs latest scrape. Will there be any questions about how appropriate it is for a person with confirmed legal issues with prescription drugs to alter another prescription. Will there be questions about Rush's moral judgment and his example to the rest of America in this regard? Or will there be a cavalcade of excuses and justifications? If you honestly expect the righties to raise (no pun intended I swear!) the pertinent questions this ought to cause, you might be interested in a bridge I have to sell in New York.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The simple minded among us...

Did you know that on July 4th of this year that the U.N. is going to institute a diabolical plan to fan out across the nation and take everyones guns away? You didn't know that? Then you must be one of 2 things. Sane, and-or not a disciple of the National Rifles Associations Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

It appears that Lappierre has NRA membership in a tizzy with a supposed plot by the U.N. to take away our guns, and on July 4 of all days! The only problem with this hockum from Lapierre is... well that it is actually just hockum from Lapierre. The fact is that July 4 is a holiday for U.N. employees.

To date the U.N. has received over 100,000 letters in protest of the supposed travesty. Can you imagine what one of these letters look like? I'll guarantee that over half of them have the phrase "you'll get my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers" or some variant of that famous line. But it really brings to mind the question... just how stupid is the average member of the NRA?

Over 100,000 letters from dimwits who don't have a clue about the power the U.N. has to enforce it's edicts inside American territory. The U.N. could vote unanimously tomorrow that all people with blonde hair must shave themselves clean every 4th of July. Do you know how much weight that would carry on domestic U.S. law? ZILCH! And any lame brain knows this. Furthermore not even blondes would be dumb enough to believe that such an edict passed through the U.N. would be worthy of a letter. (Sorry for the tired old fall back on blondes and intelligence there.) But somehow LaPierre has managed to convince his sheeple that their guns are going to be swept away in less than a month unless they bombard the U.N. with their stupid little letters.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ignorance is bliss...

Folks... I just got back from a week of blissful, and I do mean blissful, honeymoon ignorance. To be honest part of what made it so nice was my being able to set aside the daily drive to stay on top of each and every news event.

I've noticed this happens in waves in my life. I'm always a little interested in current events, but at times it becomes a driving force that takes control. It may well be the case that the time off I just took has thrown me into a trough of interest in the news. For that reason I am considering drastically reducing the number of posts on club lefty to about once a week or so. Just enough to keep the blog active for the next time I get the news itch.

Besides, I feel like I'm preaching to the choir these days. The mood of the country has definitely shifted from the days last summer when I started this blog and the Presidents approval hovered at 50%. I suppose if the mood starts shifting righty again I will consider it my patriotic duty to step into the internets with my daily rant.

In the meantime the daily post on this blog will go bye bye, and I will enjoy the first period of life with my new wife without so much concern over the horribleness and pain that is the daily news!

Friday, June 02, 2006

This is NOT a headline

Last time I wrote a personal note on this blog and titled it 'this is not a headline' I was a bit amused when I saw it roll onto the IBC headline roll... And I expect it will happen this time as well. As my grandparents used to say: 'durned puters!'

Anyway, I won't be posting for the next 1 1/2 weeks because of some stuff happening in my life. Just little things like... getting married and going on a honeymoon ... you know trivial stuff like that. So to the people who check in now and then to see the Friks latest political atrocity, Monday the 12th is the date of my planned return.

Keep up the good fight!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Robert F Kennedy's MUST read.

Rolling Stone has the report by Robert F. Kennedy on the stolen election of 2004.

The political drive by the right to win at any cost is resulting in the loss of our basic democratic form of government. The fundamental lesson of 2000, and now 2004, is that they can get away with it, and they don't care one wit for the freedoms and values that have made this nation the greatest ever. Period.

If the right can get away with disenfranchising millions of voters, and blatantly steal elections, what makes you think they care about your rights when it comes to anything else. You do not have the right to vote if you don't agree with them. And this basic concept is not just a threat to lefties... we're just the ones who are affected when we try to vote. This affects everyone, right, left, centrist, it doesn't matter. If you don't vote like they like, they will try to get your vote tossed or suppressed somehow. Well guess what kiddies. If they don't have to protect that right, they don't have to worry about more complex issues either. Like who gets to write laws, who must follow those laws, who has access to your personal records, who habeas corpus applies to, if we are bound by international treaties long ago ratified, and the list goes on and on.

It seems clear to me that there was a basic lesson learned by this President during the 2000 and 2004 elections. If he wants something he can cheat to get it, and he can get away with it. We see these lessons applied daily and it is leading this nation to a constitutional crisis which will make Nixon look like a choir boy by comparison.

DHS: Doodle Headed Sadsacks...

I have just seen the document (warning: PDF file) put forth by the Department of Homeland Security that shows the matrix to determine Department funding for New York. Did you know that New York has no national monuments or icons?

According to DHS, the Statue of Liberty is not a national monument. The Empire State building is not a national icon. It turns out that King Kong just chose some office building at random to rampage on. Not a national icon or anything like that. Wall Street... not an icon. The very name Wall Street means something more than a street in New York. It is the world wide watchword for the center of the financial universe. But Wall Street is a financial center, NOT an icon. I mean it ought to be obvious to anyone who cares to study the issue that Al Queda would put equal value on hitting Wall Street as they would put on hitting your local bank branch down the street and around the corner. Duh!

Frankly this sort of bone headed finding by DHS is another example of glaring incompetence and wrong headed thinking by the Bush administration. I know you must be amazed that this administration has proven their incompetence yet again... but it's true!

Actually you almost certainly are not amazed, because this type of dunderheaded activity is such a regular phenomena that the amazing thing is when they get it right. What this particular case is an example of is willful ignorance. The funding for rural areas from DHS raises while the cities who are the actual targets see decreases. Obviously there is a political component to these results, and to come up with the formulation to justify their results they have to willfully ignore the truth. The plainly obvious, everyone knows it, don't act stupid, can't you see, are you stupid truth.

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