Monday, August 29, 2005

Another career dies for telling to truth...

Bunnatine Greenhouse has been demoted. This after many many years of exemplary service which somehow magically morphed into poor job performance after she did her job. You see she had the temerity to question no bid contracts being given to Halliburton from the Pentagon. Check out these links and read a few if your not familiar with her story. In a nutshell, it was her DUTY to oversee the contracting process for the Army Corps of Engineers. She performed her duty and for that she is being demoted.

This administration is just a horrible blight on the land. Good people who merely do their jobs and tell the truth have their careers endangered for not knuckling under to the party line. I am convinced that if democrats ever gain any semblance of power the house of cards will thunder down about their ears. And I am also becoming more and more convinced this wont even be allowed to happen. The right has shown no compunctions in stealing elections in the past, and they know if they lose their grip on absolute power this monstrosity they have created will be shaken to its core. Why allow this to happen when all they need do is manipulate the voting machines. We are living in the generation that allows our democracy to slip away. And the result of this are the Bunny Greenhouses of the nation.

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