Friday, August 26, 2005

Bush: apparently hard to work around when theres bad news.

Check out this story by Capitol Hill Blue.

To be honest lets take this story with a grain of salt. A portion of the story to be sure is demonstratably true. George has been caught on camera flipping the bird on 2 occasions that I'm aware of, and we can hardly think that there are only 2 times he's done this and both have been magically caught on celluloid.

The interesting part to me is Bushes reaction to negative feedback from those around him. He is notoriously incapable of dealing with opposition to his beliefs. This was apparent in his 1st debate with John Kerry with the sighs and facial contortions. The good lord only knows what would have happened if Bush hadn't been on national t.v. and Kerry had started in on him like that. I'm sure Kerrys stature as a U.S. Senator would have afforded him some modicum of protection from the vileness but the sighing and facial displacement of George would have been magnified substantially.

The grain of salt to be taken with this story has to do with the quotes from whitehouse aides regarding what happens when Bush is confronted with disagreement off the record. It would not surprise me if the accounts were true, but unsubstantiated anonymous sources aren't solid sources as far as I'm concerned. When someone from this administration sacrifices their career to go on record with Bushs attitude in these instances I'll feel more comfortable with the sourcing. I do tend to believe the general tone of the story and would not be the least surprised if George routinely flies off the handle and is profane in those instances, but the degree to which he does so is not proven to me by the sourcing of this story.

All the talk by the Washington psychiatrist is not credible as far as proof of Georges fallabilities are concerned. Speculation that the president has fallen off the wagon and is back to drinking is merely speculation. The speculation of the president being on anti depressant medication is hardly backed by evidence and needs to be taken with a dose of scepticism as well. The proof of all this will come out if its true sooner or later, but until then I'm not going to pile on that bandwagon.

Final verdict: Most of it is probably true but the juicy stuff is not demonstratably proven at this point.

Just a heads up. I have heard that Capitol Hill Blue in NOT at all reputable. So you are right to take it with a grain of salt.

The post below about Iran is a good one. I also did a post on that.

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