Friday, August 19, 2005

Getting on with their lives.

So Cindy Sheehan has had to leave the vigil in order to care for her stricken mother. She certainly has galvanized the anti war movement and I hope she will be back on the scene shortly. Here's hoping her and her family come through this ok.

We have another case in point of a grieving family making statements about the war. This mother is in support of a continued war effort in Iraq. Rather than following the wingnut example and Googling Mrs. Dyer's name trying to sling mud all over her because we disagree, let me say this. It must be so very difficult to think that maybe you have given a child in a cause that is not worth his or her life. My heart simply aches at the thought of the family desperately searching for meaning to the tragedy. I can completely understand the sentiment that we must stay there and make this ultimate sacrifice of your family worthwhile. I hope the Dyers are given strength to endure this trial in their lives and wish them the best in the coming days as well.

This war has caused too many grieving familys, both in America and in Iraq as well. My belief is that history will be a harsh judge of the founder of this war if it all turns out to have been in vain.

Hello :) I like your blog, it's pretty. I don't know much about American politics, but it's very interesting. I'll come back :)
Hey Holly :) Hope you dont mind leftist rants cuz thats what this is all about :P
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