Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Politics and hurricanes... or why I'm not posting about Katrina

I consider myself to be very much a political animal. Of course in my daily travels about the web looking at various blogs and news sites I come across many posts tying real life issues to politcal decisions. There is no doubt that who you vote for very much affects your situation.

This blog is inherently political in nature. I simply refuse to follow the temptation to try to cash in on an unfolding natural disaster for political purposes. As such I dont want someone reading this blog to even associate this political discourse with the valiant recovery efforts currently underway. God bless the Red Cross, and the National Guard as they go about the monumental task that lays ahead. But I dont want someone reading my inherently liberal rant to associate the one with the other. From what I've read to this point, there will be plenty of ammunition for political recriminations to be layed out and fired. In the meantime I'll hold my fire while we get about the business of cleaning up and getting the Gulf Coast back on its feet.

Also, I do not wish this to be in any way a negative reflection on those who are posting on their sites with recovery efforts and so on. I wish you all success in helping the recovery.

Hey dont forget the Salvation Army. I volinteer there and i get really peeved when people forget that we are helping too.
were you born political or is it the result of abuse by the powerful?
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