Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pro America... Can I be to?

I dont feel like linking this mans page, but I note with interest that Mike Gallaghers homepage exorts people to join his "Pro America bus trip to Crawford, Tx" To Mike G. this of course means countering Cindy Sheehans anti war protest. What I cant help but wonder is what it is that makes Mikes statement Pro America?

American resistance to its rulers has a long and very patriotic history. We were founded on that precept. The anti-aparthied movement of the 60's was resistance to hundreds of years of American policy. I would contend that the example set by all those from Geo. Washington to Martin Luther King are extremely PRO American. In fact Cindy Sheehan is it seems to me the Pro American one of this argument.

The blunders of this administration in Iraq have cost our nation hundreds of billions of dollars, thousands of lives and the respect of the rest of the world in the necessary fight on terror. The facts are, this war is handing the terrorists a victory on a silver platter. Iraq pre invasion had no bearing in the war on terror. We go marching in, allow the terrorists to join cause with a home grown insurgency because we had horrid post war planning, and we are in a no win situation! In the process we weaken the resolve and respect of the rest of the world which we desperately need in the real war on terror! Ending this war, regaining our standing with the rest of the civilized world and then going forth to fight the real terrorists would be the absolute most Pro American thing that could happen. Cindy Sheehan is a patriot and the other side are nothing more than recruiting officers for Al Queda. So by all means... grab your turbans and Osama posters and head on out with Mike. Just remember the Pro American here is Cindy, who gave her son in this debacle. I note Mike has 4 sons all of military age, who are not serving. What a surprise...

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