Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sean Hannity: Just making stuff up.

Sean Hannity on his nationally syndicated wingnut radio show claimed that Fred Phelps is a left winger! This is just laughable on the face of it.

For those not familiar with the despicable Mr. Phelps (I wont dignify him with the appellation Rev. out of respect for members of the human race who deserve the term) this is the ... Freak who is so far out on the right wing of society that he gained his reputation by picketing the funeral of Matthew Shephard, who was killed in a hate crime because he was gay, in Colorado. So this Phelps sicko has now taken to picketing the funerals of American soldiers killed in Iraq because they are fighting for a nation that allows the "sin" of homsexuality. A statement on Phelps website (no linkage from me... no siree) says: "Thank God for IEDs killing American soldiers in strange lands every day. WBC rejoices every time the Lord God in His vengeance kills or maims an American soldier with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED)." (WBC is Westboro Baptist Church)

Phelps entire schtick is a crusade against Gays. Thats what he's all about. And to somehow twist this to "I guess this is just another example of how the anti-war left supports our brave troops" as Hannity put it, is just a horrendous example of the nuttery of Hannity.

Hello. you are r=wrong first off. Because i dont think i know you. But i needed to comment.
Yes, being gay is wrong, the bible says so. Yet picketing and disturbing the peace id wrong as well. If you are to make a point for your cause then you should use love not hatred to get the point across. Maybe im wrong, but i am 15 and still a little niave but i love to debate politics and religion. So you can count on me visiting here more often, By the way visit my blog at.
You might like it you might not. But thats life. I dont talk much about politics on it but thats because i talk enough about it with my friends. I know i am typing a lot so i say ne for now.
Happy holidays!
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