Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tuckers Folly

Crooks and Liars has just incredible stuff from a call placed to Greenpeace by Tucker Carlson. Carlson has repeatedly affirmed his pleasure with the bombing of the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior by France that caused the death of a crewman. A couple of my favorite exchanges are:
TC: The French Government did not intend to kill anyone, therefore it is not terrorism. This is an important distinction. Vandalizing the ship was impressive on France’s part. I don’t support terror.
JP: Bombing a ship is terrorism. Killing a man is murder.
TC: You should know about vandalism, you guys engage in it all the time.

Wha??? So if you blow stuff up to make a political point but the resulting death was not intended... thats vandalism? Maybe Carlson should have put down the crack pipe before placing this call... That assertion is silly on the face of it.

TC: Spraying paint on seals is the same kind of vandalism, blocking entrances with your bodies…

I think they probably have deleted the giggling and coughing as Tucker took the next hit. Spray painting seals is the same as blowing up stuff for a political purpose? NOT IF YOUR THE FREAKING SEAL!!! In case you dont know... activists spraypaint seal pups so the fur on these adorable lil critters isn't valuable to the thuggish brutes with clubs and knives running around clubbing and skinning them. No one dies as a result of this "vandalism" including the sealpups. So everybody is happy. Well everybody with a heart anyway... I guess the club wielding thugs and Tucker aren't.

Just remember this. The next time you see some kid tagging a railroad car, Tucker thinks thats the same as blowing up a boat cuz you dont like their message.

The call ends thusly: TC: I am not hanging up. I am returning the handset to the cradle…

And I'm not typing right now. I'm just bumping my fingers into the keys on the keyboard.

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