Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why the right thinks unbiased news is liberal

Have you ever listened to your favorite wingnut carry on and on about the "liberal media" and sort of scratched your head wondering what the heck he/she/it was talking about? I mean cable tv and talk radio is a veritable sea of right wing sewage. It can be incredibly hard to find an unbiased news source and nearly always the bias is for the right. CNN is about the closest that can be found for just reporting the facts but they still have a tilt to the right with their talking heads. MSNBC does a decent job with it news reporting as well, but the bias for the right in their nightly programming is distinct with only 1 program that can even somewhat be considered not extremely biased to the right. That being Countdown with Keith Olbermann. So what is it that has the right frothing at the mouth about the "liberal media" all the time?
This really is quite simple. Any reporting of simple facts is quite simply an affirmation of the liberal side of nearly every issue down the line. For the news to be presented in such a way as to not affirm the correctness of the liberal position, it must be filtered, twisted, permutated and deep fried with a heavy dose of righty seasoning. This then is presented as "news", especially on Fox, and reinforces the incorrect presumptions of the typically already duped righty viewer.
So what can be done for the news outlet who wants to report factually but doesnt want to be perceived as liberal? The answer here my friends is the talking head! In between news reports, you run talking head shows that feature right wing pundits. As a sop to fairness you have the righty being debated by a "liberal" who actually is nothing near being a liberal but is rather very moderate. If the left is very lucky they will get a lefty bulldog on there like Carville and then watch the fur fly!
The basic principle here though is when you hear a wingnut whining about the "liberal media" dont think they are carrying on about Mother Jones or Air America. They are just upset about being confronted with the truth, and wondering what in the world possessed them to click off of Fox.

Yeah! I can name at least 4 conservative talk show hosts that everyone knows, yet how many well known liberal hosts are there? Almost none. Here in NE Ohio, we used to have a decent liberal on a local radio station (Joe Finan-WNIR). Unfortunately, he retired earlier this year and was replaced by an ex pro football player. And if the media is so liberal, why aren't we getting more objective reporting from the war in Iraq? What happened to all those news 'imbeds' we saw at the beginning of the war? Did they get bored and leave? Frustrated by censorship? 'Accidentally' killed?
No, I believe they were becoming a liability to the Bush administration and were quietly un-imbedded. Unbiased news is dead. All I can hope for now is that after Bush leaves office, all the BS will come out and all those Neo-con warhawks will have to eat crow. And hopefully Bush and his cronies (Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove, Wolfie, and Ashcroft) will be tried and convicted for treason.
Hope springs eternal...
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