Thursday, September 22, 2005

As 'they' so often say: Now witness the wrath of GOD!

God is about to show his terrible wrath and make known the full measure of his displeasure on the state of Texas. Let this be a lesson to you Mr. President. Your administration is an embarrasment to all that is holy. The blood of tens of thousands is upon your hands and your sins have not passed unnoticed by him which you claim to follow. Your home state will now bear the punishment of a jealous god who is displeased with your worship of filthy lucre and ill treatment of those whose charge you have so horribly overseen to their detriment. Watch in horror as your beloved state of Texas has Gods punishment unleashed upon it
Mr. Tom Delay you have angered God! You will now bear the punishment of an angry God for your corrupting influence upon the land. Behold the anger of the lord as the expression of his wrath is set upon your home state of Texas. Next time you consider whether or not you should take that junket to some exotic land on the tab of an infidel with business before your consideration, you will recall this calamity and shun the offer.
God also is clearly upset with you oil barons. Your perfidiousness and gluttony is now being punished oh ye of the price gouging and environmental destructiveness. Now that the engines of your war on the environment lie in ruins as you consider the further price increases on those enslaved to your corruption, let the lessons of this disaster be known lest you invite the wrath upon yourselves again. Heed the ultimate verdict of the almighty and tremble.

Erm... let me state this in closing. Everything I just said is ABSOLUTE BULL!!! I truly do not believe a word of it. God as I understand, doesn't unleash hurricanes as punishment or cause the suffering of innocent millions in retaliation for the sins of the few. Yet here I must caution that my (and your) understanding of God truly is bounded by the limited comprehension we as human being have. I compare this to an ants understanding upon crossing an airport tarmac of a Jumbo Jet. To the ant that Jet is very large and very noisy, and if not approached with the right amount of respect can kill it and its entire colony without seeming to care or make any effort at it. But the ant truly doesn't understand the workings of the Jet. It is limited in its understanding simply by having a brain smaller than a grain of sand. I would posit that our relationship with God is thus, and I have no doubt that we will be very surprised at the time of enlightenment, when we come to understand Gods true nature. Until then I dont even pretend to try to understand this, but trust that he is a loving God and thus not interested in causing the suffering of millions to punish the few. But what am I in the long run? Just an ant...

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