Monday, September 12, 2005

Blatant dishonesty: The hallmark of this administration.

Click the title for a link to a story in Media Matters that confirms what we already knew about the inner workings of this administration.

To quote the story: From its earliest days, the Bush administration adopted a policy of shielding itself from political damage by never publicly admitting any mistake -- even if it meant lying to the media and the American public.

Bush is being intentionally dishonest -- in Brooks's words, "totally tactical and totally insincere" -- in resisting such public admissions (of making mistakes) and in blaming others when failures are too obvious to deny.
end quote

It seems to me that the party who saw fit to impeach Preznit Clinton for lying would be awfully peeved at this behavior. Where-as Clinton lied about something (an extra marital affair) that by its very nature is secretive, and 99% of the rest of humanity would have done the same type of lie when busted, the Bushovichs lie as a matter of policy. Do you recall the wingnut refrain "what will we tell our children?!" when the Clinton perjury thing was all the talk of the town? I suppose its ok for your children to learn via this president that lying as a matter of policy is perfectly ok. But should a democrat be found lying about something which the nature of humanity dictates will be lied about every time it is discussed by the perp, we'll blow (no pun intended, I swear!) our stacks? Pick the log from your own eye before you complain of the mote in mine!

Also on Media Matters is the -story- of Ann Coulter just plain making stuff up in blind defense of Bush. Stuff that if patently and demonstratably false. She claims that the Bush laugher that no one forsaw the breaching of the N.O. levees was "manifestly true." I'll give you a moment to wipe the tears from your eyes after that huge laugh you just enjoyed. Manifestly True? Mayhaps Ann has a Rush "problem" and needs to lay off the crack pipe before going forth on the national stage. Because it is manifestly true that anyone who has a modicum of interest in this subject knows full well that the preznits statement is manifestly false.

But as we see in the 1st story from Media Matters, another falsehood is standard fare for the course anyway. Impeach impeach impeach!

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