Friday, September 09, 2005

Brownie goes to Washington...

While most of the rest of the bloggers who share my politics may herald the -news (link)- of Michael Browns return to Washington, I am taking a more somber approach.

As the quote from the head of Dept. of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff reads, "Other challenges and threats remain around the world.” This means that should (God forbid) some other disaster befall us while his handlers are busy patching up the Gulf Coast, Michael Brown will oversee the relief effort by FEMA for the new catastrophe. I'm sure this is causing the good folks of California to redouble their prayers that the big one not strike until adequate leadership is installed at FEMA to respond to the disaster.

For that matter, I'm certain after the past reaction to FEMAs response to Katrina, the Pres and Karl Rove are on their knees as you read this praying fervently that no other disaster befall us while Brownie is doing this planning...

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