Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bush calls for arrest of himself.

Click the title for a link to the story.

Now admitably, he didn't actually just come out and say, "Please arrest me."

As the article specifies however Bush "pressed the global community to “put the terrorists on notice” by cracking down on any activities that could incite deadly attacks."

HELLO! Mr President, you started a needless war that alienated the entire world against us. This international support is desperately needed in the war on terror and prior to your war of choice we had the support of nearly 100% of the world. You have promoted policies against prisoners of war that have inflamed the entire Arab street. It is YOUR activities that have endangered us in the war on terror. Maybe you should push for a U.N. resolution to punish those who incite deadly attacks, and we can use that to have you arrested. You sir are truly the top recruiting officer for Al Queda. President Bush, you oversee the Al Queda executive branch in Washington D.C. Without you in power they would be a shadow of what they have become. Thank you Mr. President... nicely done.

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