Thursday, September 22, 2005

Conditional props in the Jet Blue emergency landing story. Get it? PROPS!! JET Blue... ah never mind...

Well anyway... I never heard any commentator praise for the manufacturer of the Jet Blue plane that landed with its landing gear stuck sideways. The condition I place on the following comment is that this assumes that no manufacturer defect is found to have caused the landing gear malfunction. But for that gear to remain locked and not crumple under the stress of that landing I found to be remarkable. I mean the gear obviously was not meant to withstand the kind of pressures that were exerted upon it during that landing. Everything I heard regarding this was that the plane was expected to wind up on its belly at the end of it all. So if the problem turns out to have been with some maintenance issue rather than manufacturer defect, that landing gear really proved to be quite durable even under the worst circumstance it could possibly face.

Of course the Pilot has recieved accolades all around and those are much deserved as well. Nicely done!

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