Monday, September 12, 2005

The danger of the yes man.

Here is a -story- that shows the ruthlessness of Saddam Hussien when it came to surrounding himself with yes men.

Quote: When his country was at war with Iran in the 1980s, he asked his cabinet ministers to give their advice. His Harvard-trained minister of health suggested that Hussein should temporarily step aside until peace was restored. Hussein reportedly thanked him and then ordered his arrest.

When his wife begged for his return, her husband's body was chopped into small pieces and delivered to her in a canvas bag. That was in 1982 and few inside his inner circle have challenged him since. Endquote.

The results of this conformity by Saddams inner circle can only be described as disastrous for his nation. His invasion of Kuwait was partly a -result- of bad information from terrified yes men. I'm sure you are asking, what is the point of all this Mr. Frik?

The point is this. Whether you surround yourself with yes men/women based upon the use of the lethal repression of dissent, or just -being an ass- to those who bear bad news, you still surround yourself with yes... people. As the last link to MSNBC/Newsweek shows this had a direct affect on Georges response to Katrina. Is there one amongst us who would dare believe that if Bush were truly in touch with the disaster he would have been photographed with a big cake or strumming a guitar AFTER the hurricane struck? Thats just being clueless, and that comes from insulating oneself from reality. In this case it proved lethal.

What is to be done about this? We see the results of this insulation playing out right now in Iraq. Only the most fervent koolaid drinkers truly think we are winning that quagmire. Somehow someone must get through and start laying out realities to Bush. I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon, so the next alternative is impeach him. Hold him accountable for the lethal turn his fantasy land governing style has taken. Not by watching his poll numbers slide to the level sustained by the koolaid crowd, but by humiliating him with impeachment. Or the next time some buffoon decides to create his/her own realities from the Oval Office we can only wish we had made an example of the 1st such fantasy bound President.

well...I mean...sure the whole war thing looks bad in hindsite but who would have known what would happen I agree that we aren't winning but bush is doing the best he can and doesn't deserve impeachment
If Bush were doing the best he could he would at least show a passing interest in REALITY! The whole war thing looks bad in hindsite? When you have to make up your own facts and sell the nation on war based on fear after 9/11, anyone who made a passing attempt at understanding the situation could have predicted it looked bad in FORESIGHT! I mean when you topple the regime shouldn't you have the foresight to insure stability... even just to stop the looting.

Bush well deserves impeachment. He absolutely lied to land us in the Iraq war and if that is not grounds for impeachment what possible grounds can there be? Bill Clinton lied about extramarital sex and he was impeached. Who died over that?
He absolutely lied? When? I want facts.

I believe Bush was using the same intelligence as Tony Blair. Everyone believed Saddam had WMDs. He had used chemical WMDs against the Kurds. I think even Saddam thought his scientists were close to developing nuclear weapons. (They didn't dare tell him otherwise.)

So what is this lying of which you speak?

America had many reasons to go to war against Saddam. After we took Kuwait away from him he signed agreements to allow inspectors. Then he kicked the inspectors out. That was condemned by the UN and gave Bush one justification to go in and force compliance.

I could list other reasons, but I'm sure you know them and are choosing to ignore them. This blog site seems more centered on rhetoric than facts.
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