Saturday, September 24, 2005

Make it Stop!! Part II

A more comprehensive report on the latest allegations of prisoner torture (abuse is to nice a term to give this behavior) may be found here .

I found this part of the story very curious. "Broken limbs and similar painful injuries would be treated with analgesics, the soldiers claim, as medical staff would fill out paperwork stating the injuries occurred during capture."

This is an absolute perversion of the hypocratic oath. The medical personel are enabling these prisoners to be tortured by not accurately reporting the cause of these injuries. I presume it would be a given that should we find file after file of medical records detailing how the various injuries suffered by those in our control were due to torture at our hands, that the practice would come to a stop. Otherwise why make up the false reports? This behavior by doctors truly is not acceptable. Any doctor found to be participating in activities that lead to the continued torture of detainees should have his/her liscense revoked. I whole heartedly support our military and think the situation they find themselves in is not one of their choosing. But that can only go so far, and the line I draw is when the medical staff effectively promotes an atmosphere in which the torture of their charges is allowed to go forward due to the activities of the medics.

This administration must NOT be allowed to escape punishment for this travesty. This is not a few freakazoids on the night shift getting out of hand. This is systemic, and the direct result of policies set forward by this administration that allowed for the "legalizing" of an activity that can not be legalized. Torture is torture and basic respect for human rights dictates it is not acceptable, no matter the religion or nationality of the person you'd like to break the bones of.

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