Friday, September 23, 2005

Make it STOP!!

The link in the title is to yet another story of an investigation into prisoner abuse.

As quoted by this article:
'Frustrated soldiers would often beat the Iraqis as a stress release, the sergeant said.
“In a way it was sport,” the sergeant said. “One day (another sergeant) shows up and tells a PUC to grab a pole. He told him to bend over and broke the guy’s leg with a mini-Louisville Slugger, a metal bat.”
'The soldier said anything short of death was acceptable. “As long as no PUCs came up dead, it happened,” he said. “We kept it to broken arms and legs.”'
(PUC is short for persons under control)

Our military JAGs opposed the imfamous torture memo from Albert Gonzalez for a very good reason. Now the crap is hitting the fan. Isn't it high time for some leadership out of this... absolute... nightmare of prisoner abuse? They are prosecuting our men and women in uniform for carrying out the policies they promote! This is in our name and it is an absolute horror show. Who could ever have imagined 6 years ago that this would be the policy carried out in the name of America? It still is just unbelievable. It simply is unforgivable. OUTRAGEOUS! Heinous! Words cannot express the absolute disdain I feel for those who have brought us to this pass. They have strengthened the enemy in time of war and all it seems we can do about it is shake our heads in dismay at the pictures.

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