Thursday, September 01, 2005

Making a mockery of God

Repent America is claiming that the city of New Orleans was destroyed by God because there was to be a gay event held there on 08/31/05.

If Repent America truly believes this, do they think that maybe God got the wrong information and smote New Orleans a week early by mistake? I mean if this truly was somehow Gods answer to this convention, why wouldn't he hold his wrath until the event was actually taking place? And what are all the heterosexual God fearing conservative people who were affected by this judgement from God supposed to think about this? Seems like God could have just smote the convention with a localized tornado and not had all this collateral damage. I mean as it is, because of the mistaken timing by God, ALL the damage is collateral while the evil Gay people have skated scott free. This assertion by Repent America truly makes a mockery of God.

Repent America needs to realize that God doesn't operate at RA's beck and call. Using their logic, we could then make the case that Florida has been repeatedly punished for voting for George Bush last year, and Louisiana and Mississippi had it coming for the same reason. Such is obviously not the case... but as far as that logic is concerned, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

I have a question! Do you believe in God? I mean the way that you talk about him its almost as if you understand him know him but you dont believe in him. Maybe im wrong but hey tell me so that i know! Anyway i already gave you my blog thingy so got to go but give me a comment in my blog thingy so that i know you get my comments!
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