Friday, September 23, 2005

A must read... None Dare Call It Stolen:

It is simply heartbreaking to see this in my America. This should be a place where ALL voters are encouraged to participate regardless of their political belief. And where voters KNOW their vote counted because this right is fundamental to our way of government. It simply is not acceptable to have this be a partisan issue. I could not live with the shame of condoning the suppression of the vote by people who don't see things the way I do. That just is not how we as a nation should operate. We can be so very blustery in demanding democratic reforms around the world but maybe it's time to look in our own back yard. A paper trail on electronic voter machines is the LEAST we can do. To me the verification that my vote is correctly registered is a great deal more important than getting a transaction summary each time I go to an atm. Just read the article and lets get this taken care of!

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