Tuesday, September 13, 2005

When all else fails, BLAME THE MEDIA!!

Click the title to read what the Preznit had to say about why his administration was so freaking slow to respond to the devastation of New Orleans. Heres what he had to say:

"When that storm came by, a lot of people said we dodged a bullet. When that storm came through at first, people said, Whew. There was a sense of relaxation. And that’s what I was referring to.

And I myself thought we had dodged a bullet. You know why? Because I was listening to people probably over the airwaves say, The bullet has been dodged. And that was what I was referring to.

Of course, there were plans in case the levee had been breached. There was a sense of relaxation at a critical moment."

He honestly is trying to blame the media! This talking point was dredged up early on in the controversy and has been shown to be a canard. The media, with the notable exception of a right wing slanted "news" website, were in full throat from the start with the horrid truth of the disaster. I believe that George sees his problems with the public as being due to a newly found spine in alot of reporting regarding this administration and he is actually making up facts to try to slander the people telling the truth here. The FACTS are, the "people over the airwaves" were spot on in reporting, and if George didnt live in a cocoon he would have KNOWN what was happening. But since he botched the response and actually lost an entire American city in front of God and the world, lets blame those who report on his disaster of a response for that failure.

This man just needs to go away. Just move back to the ranch and leave those of us who wish to live our lives with fact based governance and sanity in peace.

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