Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fitzgerald Fishing or Carlson Confusion?

Watching Tucker Carlson tonight my gag reflex was in full use, but luckily the wastebasket beside the recliner in front of the T.V. was spared the treatment Carlson gave his viewers.

There isn't a transcript on MSNBC right now so I'm flying from the seat of my pants. Basically his take on the Special Counsels investigation into the Plame outing is that should Mr. Fitzgerald bring indictments based upon White House officials lying to investigators or committing perjury before the grand jury, that this would be a terrible miscarriage of justice. His reasoning is that these charges would not have anything to do with the original issue under investigation, and thus constitute a veritable fishing expedition by Fitzgerald.

Mr. Carlson can not be so naive as to actually believe this, so I must chalk it up to him being disingenuous or blindly defending the White House in the name of partisanship. And repeatedly pointing to the fact that you don't support the war in Iraq doesn't mean you are then able to blithely ignore certain truths about the people who brought us this war and say you are somehow being balanced on the issue Mr. Carlson. But let us dissect the whole 'bringing charges on obstruction of justice or perjury is a fishing expedition' line of thinking.

The special counsel is charged with finding the facts of the Valerie Plame case and if necessary to bring any criminally culpable players to justice. Part of the investigation involves interviewing the various players in the case, both by the FBI and the grand jury. It would indeed be a novel legality that would allow a player in the investigation to obstruct justice or commit perjury without being charged for hindering the special counsel. Only in the wingnut world of Carlson would someone be castigated for prosecuting what is an obvious crime! And Mr. Carlson is just outraged by this supposedly self evident truth which he alone seems to understand. Fishing expedition? Try running an investigation into real estate dealings in Arkansas into a tell all report on the Presidents sex life!

And then Carlson brings that right wing freakazoid David Horroritz [sic :P] onto the show who is in full emotional breakdown because the ebil democrats are attacking Dear Leader. David actually says that he has never seen a President attacked so viciously! HELLO?!? I believe it was YOUR crowd that swung this nation into a full fledged constitutional crisis and really tried a right wing congressional coup over a stained blue dress! Vicious attacks? Lets just take a look at some words from Conservative Wondergirl Anne Coulter:
"If you don't hate Clinton and the people who labored to keep him in office, you don't love your country."
And believe me... I could pull up 50 other such outrageous quotes in less than 10 minutes by simply searching Google with the words "Clinton" and "(insert conservative hatemonger here)" And now Bush is being attacked... Well BOO HOO!!

I don't have any problem with a person being of any ideology as long as they are not blind zealots...

Tucker Carlson is a dick. Man-child with bowtie. I think he is still hurting from Jon Stewarts' lashing.
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