Thursday, October 20, 2005

Indian Institute of Planning and Management, or just doing my part...

Click the title for a story from DNA, standing for daily news and analysis from India, that I think is pretty neat.

Basically a pretty popular blogger from India named Sabnis had the temerity to post a bit of an expose on this institute. The institute then gets all high and mighty and demanded Sabnis delete the offending post, or they will huff and puff and blow his house down. The institute then contacted Sabnis' employer, (IBM) and demanded they fix the problem or they will have their students burn all their IBM laptops on campus in front of the IBM building. Sabnis then resigned to not cause IBM a difficulty.

Sabnis told his story to fellow blogger Amit Varma. He said he was taking a stand on principle and if he didn't do the right thing he couldn't live with himself. She posts and whammo! The story takes off and suddenly almost every blog in India is not just posting about the politics of it all, they are investigating IIPM! And they are finding some real good stuff on them too. Made up diplomas for the Dean of the school, false offices in Toronto... that kind of thing. IIPM has been the number one hit on Technocrati (a search engine that finds stuff on blogs) for over a week now. So what I'm doing now by posting this, besides just telling what I think is a cool story, is hopefully bumping up the meter on the IIPM hits with Technocrati a particle.

I think IIPM should recognize what a blunder they have made of this and apologize, whilst interceding on behalf of Sabnis to get his job back. Until then, good luck to all you investigative bloggers in India bringing up the juicy stuff on IIPM.

And if perchance you run a blog yourself, be a trooper and make a post with IIPM in the title...

Yeah, I had read this story around 15-20 days back. What a sorry state of things!
IIPM is a sham for the management education industry. Its playing with people's dreams!
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