Thursday, October 13, 2005

just... pathetic...

Click the title for the audio from Crooks and Liars and this link to the MSNBC story about the Presidents teleconferenced chat with the troops over in Iraq.

This administration is rapidly becoming a farce of a joke of a sitcom of an embarrasment... President Bush just cannot get it right! It is well past time to stop the stage managed photo-ops, stop the pre-screening of the public you interact with, stop the lying, stop governing like you won a landslide, stop thinking if you repeat it enough it will come true, just STOP IT!

I dont doubt that nine out of ten times, President could pick any ten soldiers out of a random company in Iraq and just get bombarded with praise and adoration. But the prospect of having some liberal non-com (they do exist) pop off with a tough question must have just terrified the Bushovichs as they contemplated this photo-op. So they had to go and stage the event... and just come off looking like bufoons in doing so. I didn't think they could look any worse than they already do, but everyday brings about some new embarrasment. I wonder what it will be tomorrow?

BUSH is a TOOL of something very, very evil. Distilled evil.

The best IMPEACH BUSH poster - F--- DUBYA from the REDWOODS to the WHITE HOUSE:

What's up, Eugene!
They looked like buffoons? That's the best you can come up with?

This was a carefully planned, scripted, rehearsed and broadcasted interview. If anything they looked like professionals. If you thought they looked buffoonish you weren't paying attention. Or more likely, you were just disappointed because everything went as the president planned. And you can't stand it when things go right for him.
Hmm... You seem to have arrived at the conclusion that since this was such a well done interview that I just lashed out at it because of the effectiveness of the whole event and am actually somehow disappointed at this. Quite to the contrary, I would encourage the administration to do this on a daily basis. If you saw that embarrasment you would understand why I'm sure. I wasn't paying attention? Are you sure you actually saw the event Jeff? I thought it was great!
*disbelief* Jeff, you are serious? Are you that blinded by partisanship? C'mon, it was a flat out attempt at proproganda. Doesn't it upset you that the White House/DOD are "wagging the dog"? Josef Goebbels would be proud.
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