Friday, October 28, 2005

Only the beginning...

In the course of my daily bopping about the internets I have noticed a certain sense of depression from those who tend to see things similarly to me politically. And a certain relief from those who don't agree with me. The varying moods seem to be related to one fact. Karl Rove has not been indicted. My thoughts on all this are as follows:

Fitzgerald is not packing up and going home which means he is interested in other aspects of this whole affair. I think what he's done is a long time tried and true prosecutorial tactic. He loads up charges on someone who is privy to the whole affair and then turns them. With this indictment Libby is now no longer a member of the White House team so it would not be surprising in the least should he wind up turning states evidence to avoid a lengthy jail term. Of course it may be the case that Libby falls on his sword for the team and Fitzgerald must carry on without his cooperation. But I rather suspect Fitzgerald has his eye on other targets and Libby will wind up helping the special counsel nail them.

I would be very nervous if I were Karl Rove or John Bolton with the wording of the indictment. Fitzgerald does everything but name them by name as people of interest in this whole affair. And now one of the key players is outside the circle and facing the heat.

One thing is certain however. This special counsel is all business and no fluffery. Tucker Carlsons fixation on proving leaks are coming from Fitzgerald is just laughable. Carlson even points to stories being attributed to the lawyers of the White House players as evidence of special counsel leakage. When the reporter says "A lawyer for such and such says" how desperate must the wingnuts be to discredit the special counsel when they jump up and down and scream "Fitzgerald is leaking!" It must be very hard to have to crank out these talking points when the truly ludicrous nature of the argument is so apparent to any person with the intelligence of the average four year old.

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