Friday, October 14, 2005

Qualified liberals need not apply.

Click the title for a story that should really have you wondering if you still live in the U.S.A you grew up in, or have been transplanted back in time and half way around the globe to live in the good old U.S.S.R.
The October 11, 2005 order issued by NPS Director Fran Mainella requires that the selection criteria for all civil service management slots (Government Service grades or GS-13, 14 and 15) include the "ability to lead employees in achieving the...Secretary's 4Cs and the President's Management Agenda." In addition, candidates must be screened by Park Service headquarters and "the Assistant Secretary [of Interior] for Fish, and Wildlife, and Parks," the number three political appointee in the agency.

The 4Cs mentioned in this quote are from a slogan used by Interior Secretary Gale Norton: communication, consultation, cooperation, all in the service of conservation.

Wow... you now have to support President Bush's goals if you want to be a park ranger. Could you have imagined this six years ago? So if you don't like having increased mercury levels or clear cutting of old growth forests etc..., that would disqualify you from ever breaking through the ideological ceiling at the Park Service. This really is outrageous. And furthermore these characters want their park rangers "leading employees" in achieving the Presidents goals? This must be a joke right? I mean what if Park Ranger Bob finds out his subordinate Jr. Ranger has voted for a Democrat? Is it off to the education camp for Jr.?

I declare this to be today's piece of news that casts the administration in an even more embarrassing light than the previous days news. And every day you have to wonder, how can they make it worse tomorrow?

This is only for managers, not park rangers. It only makes sense that mid-level and higher managers (GS-13, 14, and 15) should be required to implement the policies of the top management (President and Interior Secretary). They don't require you to be Republican but you do have to be able to achieve your boss's agenda.

I suppose if you were president you would give everyone free rein. "What, Ranger Bob is cutting old growth forests? That violates my agenda! But we believe in tolerating alternative political views, so we won't stop him." Yeah, right.

You are attacking the Bush crowd for doing something that any right-thinking person would agree with.
Thats just the thing though Jeff... this isn't something that any past administration has seen fit to do. These positions are not political in nature, and no past administration has seen fit to treat these postions like that. The head park ranger or the museum curator is not employed to carry forth the political decisions of the administration. If Park Ranger Bob serves under a democrat and he thinks clear cutting is a good idea, the fact is he has no bearing on the issue besides those he may influence with letters to the editor. To set an idealogocal ceiling on park service employment when positions over that ceiling are not political in nature truly reeks of cronyism, and enforced political correctness from the ruling party. I suppose you believe that all previous administrations were not right thinking in this regard? I would take any former administrations thinking down the line on nearly any policy you can think of and compare it favorably to this bumbleheaded administration. This is the worst President ever yet in this ONE instance Jeff contends he is the only President (and most have been above average) in American history to get this issue right...
I don't know how many GS13 and above employees work for the Park Service, but if it is like other agencies, it is few. These positions are not those of powerless drones as you seem to think. And I don't believe you when you say that other administrations didn't require compliance with their policies. The interview process may have changed slightly, but the requirements were always there.
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