Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Righty world: If you don't say the righty things you don't say anything at all...

Check out this link and also here for typical shenanigans by the Bush administration when they don't like what people are saying to, or about them.

The 1st link details the fate of a Congressionally mandated report on the effects of offshore outsourcing on the economy. This report was requested by Congress in December of 2003 with release to be made in June of 2004. When the report was issued in July of 2004 its release to the public was delayed by the White House and the Republican controlled Congress until the 2004 election had passed. The report was created by analysts from the Technology Administration, but that report went under the knives of political appointees from the Commerce Department and White House. What emerged was unrecognizable from the original report and contained none of the research by the Technology Administrations analysts. Of course, as you may be less than shocked to learn the report was rather vague in its findings as to the impact of outsourcing. But lo and behold, 2 researchers who contributed to the original report now are talking about what they actually found... and guess what? There's a lot more detail than what the gussied up report that saw the light of day actually shows. Surprise surprise, it is now proven that political appointees censored the real report from the analysts, to cast a more favorable light on the issue from the administrations perspective. They didn't even bother to critique the original report, which is sort of unusual according to people who write these types of documents. I think this would sort of be like the editor of Gone With the Wind, editing that classic film in such a way as to make a 1/2 hour sitcom, and just not being able to get back to the producers about what happened to the original creation.

The 2nd link takes you to a story about the Armed Forces Radio Network and their reconsideration of allowing a liberal perspective to take to their airwaves. Rush Limbaugh currently enjoys airplay on Armed Forces Radio. Should there not be equal time for the other perspective? I mean our tax dollars fund this network. Do only conservative citizens taxes pay for this I wonder? In case you're wondering, Ed Shultz is a meat eating, gun toting, SUV driving lefty. He sort of reminds me of... well me! Cept I'm driving a little red Toyota. The point here though is he isn't some radical bomb thrower liberal eco terrorist type. He supports the troops at every turn and I'm sure this made him appealing when consideration by the Armed Forces turned to a possible Rush counter. But wait a minute here. It seems that Mr. Schultz saw that laughable "give and take" by the President with the troops in Tikrit the other day and spent just a bit too much time lambasting Allison Barber. She is a bigshot communications aide at the Pentagon who was shown on the satellite feed prior to the Bush/troop laugh-a-thon coaching our service men on what questions would be asked and what answers should be given. Guess who is the one who actually called the Schultz people on the morning the program was to debut to inform them their time slot on Armed Forces Radio was not available? It is such an obvious answer I won't even insult your intelligence by saying her name. **coughallisonbarbercough**

These are such blatant attempts by the administration to pretend that those people they don't agree with don't deserve to be heard. Whether it is a report they don't like or a radio talk show host who doesn't tow the line the answer is the same. Just do what it takes to make them go away. I guess we can just thank our lucky stars that the Administration hasn't yet dared to yank the broadcast license of stations that air liberal talk... but one can't help but wonder just how tempting that must be for this crowd.

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