Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cheney angered: wreathed in shadowy flames, sacrifices virgin

Dick Cheney today blasted Democratic critics of the empire by saying:
Wait a minute. Sorry. I was just recalling a nightmare I had last night where I was being chased by a dumpy Ogre with demonic powers and a pace maker. Let me start this post over again shall we?

Title: Cheney angered, takes the high road... over a cliff.

The link above still works despite all my previous snarkiness. Let us consider some of what this article has to say shall we?
Cheney called Democrats "opportunists" who were peddling "cynical and pernicious falsehoods" to gain political advantage...
If one were to simply replace the word "Democrat" with "administration sources" in the above quote, one would have an exact description of administration activity while leading the nation into the Iraq war. Cynical & pernicious falsehoods regarding the situation in Iraq is what this is indeed all about Mr. Cheney. With the congressional Republicans spooked by the widespread disapproval of the administrations conduct of this nightmare, and Democrats finally finding a voice with the issue it is all coming apart for the Bushovichs. Falsehood this Mr. Cheney. You used the platform of 9/11 for your political advantage in pushing a needless war. How cynical and pernicious was that? And when the administration still surfed a wave of public approval, but a voice was heard in opposition to the lies that led us to the sorry pass we find ourselves in now, what did your office do Mr. Cheney. You cynically and perniciously ruined the career of that mans wife. Now these facts are coming out Mr. Cheney and no amount of shrillness and hysterics will close this pandoras box. Why not be a good little Ogre and tell the truth right now, rather than making us wrench it from you piece by piece as you bellow and moan about the nastiness of it all? Let me catch my breath and let us consider another part of the story shall we?
"The saddest part is that our people in uniform have been subjected to these cynical and pernicious falsehoods day in and day out."
This assertion by Mr. Cheney is simply grand scale foopahery. It is this administrations misbegotten policy, their cynical and pernicious lies, that have subjected our troops to this quagmire. The political opposition telling the truth may result in great discomfort to you Mr. Cheney, but do you honestly believe the average G.I. dodging IED's and mortar rounds really gives a hoot that Harry Reid stopped the senate in order to get to the bottom of your misuse of intelligence leading to this disaster? If anything it seems to me the proper and responsible course of action to take, so that future generations look at the sorry example set by this administration and determine to never let it happen again. You pretend that the truth of the matter aids and comforts the enemy Mr. Cheney. The true aid and comfort is given by those who based upon neo-con ideology and falsehoods alone led us into a needless war. While we lower the recruiting standards of our military to make up for the loss of volunteers, you have insured that the recruitment goals of our enemy will be filled to overflowing due to your blunder Mr. Cheney. You may as well be designated second in command of the recruitment office for Al-queda in Washington D.C. And your anti-American drive to protect our non-right to torture detainees isn't helping matters in this regard either, in case you haven't figured it out Mr. Cheney. The day your administration leaves office will be a sad day for Al-queda, but a joyous one for patriots across the nation.

I'm really trying to not write book sized posts so I think I'm gonna let this rest for now.

[UPDATE Check out this page of misleading statments compiled by the House Government Reform committee Democrats.] (hat tip Dan Froomkin, columnist for the Washington Post.)

So democrats are "opportuntists"...whoa??!! who writes their stuff ?ahh, maybe Judy is now doing speechwriting??
and you saw that the Dark Lord did get heckled yesterday down in Tennessee- but here is the funny thing, his people were so pissed that the speech got infiltrated by those
"damn liberals"....but I betcha they were Repugs that were hecling- really... another great post ...thanks
Throw the bums out, I’m tired of republicans lying, I just wish that one republican out there can tell the truth just one time. When the democrats are back in power sanity will be restored to the whitehouse.
Truthful politican...
responsible journalism...

Take the corporations out of politics...then you might fair shake in our government...
So each side says the other is lying. Your post sounds like "foopahery" to me.
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