Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fox news attacks Christmas, welcomes "Holiday Trees"

Fox news personalities lately have been in full cry about various retailers wishing people "happy holidays" as opposed to "Merry Christmas" or some such other religiously correct greeting. Thus it must be quite distressing to these same personalities that Fox has a story on their website welcoming the arrival of "holiday trees" to Washington D.C.. We are waiting with bated breath for the thunder from Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the gang regarding this travesty!

The greeting "happy holidays" seems to me to be perfectly non hostile to Christians. The entire season, including New Years is encapsulated with this greeting. The New Years holiday is not of particular significance to Christians as opposed to any other group that follows our calendar. If Christmas were the single holiday at this time of year, then one could wonder if there possibly were a bias in a greeting that did not seem to mention Christmas. Yet there are a plethora of holidays from various religions at this time of year, and a completely secular holiday that follows close upon the heels of whichever holiday you may celebrate. Wishing a person "happy holidays" hardly should be viewed as an attack on Christianity in light of the various holidays being celebrated at this time of year.

Christmas trees on the other hand are totally a Christmas tradition. Renaming the Christmas tree as holiday trees would be akin to renaming the menorah, the holiday candelabra. This is just silly, and to me indicates a serious disconnect on the part of Fox news from any notion that they are the defenders of Christianity against the secular horde at the gates.

Let the Christmas tree remain what it always has been. I for one can not wait for the day that Bill O'Reilly calls for a boycott of Fox news.

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