Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy Birthday to Mr. Dean.

It is Howard Deans birthday today and I would like to wish him a very happy birthday.

I think his leadership of the Democratic party has been a breathtaking success. The Democratic party was downtrodden, powerless, ineffective, and basically not relevant after the elections of 2004. Dean takes the reigns, starts talking trash about the Republicans, sets off a few fireworks, and less than a year after he takes over look where we are. We have them running for the hills. They can't pass their own spending bills, or even get the votes to drill for oil in ANWAR... there is open revolt on the hill, The president can't run from Washington D.C. fast enough to escape the inferno he must endure whenever he returns to the scene of the crime. I think Deans leadership has been remarkable and I look forward to continued fiestiness from him for the foreseeable future. And anyone who saw the dueling party leaders on Meet the Press last sunday must surely appreciate the masterful persona of Mr. Dean compared with that talking points weasel geek Ken Mehlman.

Here is a site you can go to if you wish to leave a birthday greeting for Mr. Dean. (hat tip Blue Gal )

Right on! He's a bit of a lightning rod at times but he's our lightning rod and I agreee, worthy of our admiration.
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