Sunday, November 13, 2005

Read this interview!

The title links to an interview conducted by Tom Engelhardt of Ann Wright. She is one of three career state department officials who resigned in protest of the invasion of Iraq. She volunteered to serve in Afghanistan after 9/11, because she felt so strongly that our response in that country was justified. She most recently made the news by interupting a senatorial hearing of secretary of state Condoleeza Rice.

As former Bush administration insiders come out of hiding to express their displeasure, let us remember that Ms. Wright was front and center with her career ending protest on the day the war started. It would be nice to have had Lawrence Wilkerson enlightening us immediately after the war started... (not that I'm trying to slam Mr. Wilkerson mind you, I'm just saying, is all).

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This might be a fun site for Wierd Wally to exchange links with.
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