Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hey Saddam: Shut up or we'll give you something to really cry about...

The latest allegations of abuse of a detainee comes from none other than Saddam Hussien , claiming that he was beaten head to toe. To this I say what a load of crap!

If Saddam were worked over it is highly doubtful he would now be allowed to stand in court and make his preposterous claims. In fact it is highly doubtful he would be standing at all. This freak is lucky the guys who drug him out of his hole didn't toss a grenade in first and ask questions later. Count your blessings little man.

It really irks me when people I really do not agree with use the arguments I and those who agree with me posit, in an effort to further their own twisted agenda. Whether it's George Bush talking up clear skies and healthy forests whilst doing all in his power to destroy environmental protections to Saddam decrying his treatment under American activity and slamming the Bush administration around. The entire non koolaid drinking universe knows the Bush administration is populated with creeps and congenital liars without having Saddam throw his two cents into the fray. That does not mean that Saddam is not a sadistic, horrible, lying creep himself. So spare those of us who are fighting the good fight your pontification Saddam. Amazing, isn't it, how when you are facing the judge you are so enlightened with truth and wisdom. We wish you had demonstrated this reasoning and sense of outrage at injustice when you were ruining your nation you reptile!

As to the allegations of mistreatment... when the judge overseeing the case mentioned that he might transfer Saddam from American to Iraqi control if his allegations of mistreatment bore truth, that was not the judges idea of a possible solution, it was a threat! You think being filmed in your undies is bad? Just wait til the department of the interior goons get you hooked up with the electrodes and start in with the power drills. Oh right... Saddam already knows all about that from when he was ordering that type of thing back in the good old days. Everybody remembers when their parent used to tell them to stop crying or they would get something to really cry about. The judge just said the same thing to Saddam.

Yes, indeed, we do. Maybe Saddam should ask for a trial in southern California.
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