Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Judge Posner gets it wrong...

In an op-ed in todays Washington Post judge Richard Posner makes an argument for expanding the rights of the administration to spy on Americans. Rather than go point by point to refute what I believe to be incorrect reasoning by the judge, let me focus on the following statement in the article:
The only valid ground for forbidding human inspection of such data is fear that they might be used to blackmail or otherwise intimidate the administration's political enemies. That danger is more remote than at any previous period of U.S. history.
Where has the judge been for the last three years one must wonder. What does he think of the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame after her husband publicly disagreed with the presidents state of the union speech. This one action by the administration is proof positive that the judge is absolutely incorrect with his reasoning. The signal given by this one action was unmistakable. Political opponents of this administration are fair game for ruination by any means necessary.

Consider the following: Karl Rove, widely accepted as having taken part in the outing of a covert CIA agent for political reasons, still reports to work each day and holds a top secret clearance. Mr. Rove is legendary for his willingness to bend ethics and the law in pursuit of political goals and in the cause of ruining political opponents. At some point a bell is going to go off in a reporters head, and they will ask one of the most important questions that can be asked in these dark times. Regarding the NSA spy program: Is Karl Rove or any other political appointee of this administration privvy to those conversations?

Judge Posner justifies his reasoning with the following quote:
Because of increased political partisanship, advances in communications technology and more numerous and competitive media, American government has become a sieve. No secrets concerning matters that would interest the public can be kept for long.
Once again we are left to wonder... where has this judge been for the last several years. The secretive nature of this administration is absolutely legendary. Maybe the judge can prove his point by alerting the rest of the world who originally leaked Valerie Plames name. Evidently the president himself does not even know that! Or the judge could show how open everything is nowadays by releasing the newly classified techniques approved for detainee interrogation in the army field manual. Who was in the vice president energy task force? Can the judge get us the records of chief justice John Roberts when he was white house counsel? There are dozens of such secrets that a wide swath of citizenry would be very interested in knowing that are kept under wraps by this administration, usually under the guise of national security or executive privelige. The fact is that the notorious obsession with secrecy demonstrated by the administration shows the judges reasoning to back up his original erroneous contention is also just plumb wrong.

Quite simply, this administrations unbridled grab at power whilst keeping the citizenry in the dark about the true state of affairs is precisely the reason we need to check them going forward. If the president can simply create laws as he sees fit in complete secrecy, we have passed from a glorious experiment in democracy to a very close shadow of the tyranny that we threw off in the revolutionary war, complete with kings and rubberstamp legislative bodies. The presidency is dead, long live the king.

Playing the Plame Game

Your points are well taken Ken. This is the most secretive administration I've seen. And I thought Clinton used executive priviledge too much! ROFL! I had no idea that Clinton would be a comparative open book.

Unfortunately, human nature being what it is and evolution being way too damn slow,there will be inevitable abuse. Republicans and Democrats alike. Sorry to the Leftys out there. Your guys also need to evolve a little. I never met a crooked Libertarian but, I'm sure one exists.

I wouldn't use Valerie Plame's ALLEGED outing as an example. She was already out. It's a trumped up grasping at straws. It's a desperate obsessive strike by those living to hate King George.

How about things that are obvious and not disputed? The Clinton administration had the IRS audit Bill O'Reily 3 years in a row. Does Posner think that King George doesn't do the same to prominant Democrat talking heads? I don't know because I don't care but, I'm thinking Mikey Moore got audited. Just a guess. What do I know? Well the Bush's cronies in the FCC did one hell of a job giving Howard Stern payback for his views on Iraq. I must admit that I am more familiar with Democrat abuses than Republican ones on a national scale. On a local scale in Va. it's a different story. It's the religious right gone amok over here.

None the less, even if Posner feels that all Republicans are the result of virgin births and can do no wrong, he should at least fear what the Democrats might do when they're in office.

Who is the biggest idiot defending the Patriot Act? That would be Rush Limbaugh. Talk about your suicide bomber! Envision Rush trying to run with the Patriot Act Bill in his hand into the middle of a Democrat White House. The Patriot Act and in more restricted cases even FISA has been used to bust drug rings.

Can anyone here say Oxycontin? Didn't Rush get a little squeamish about his damn medical records? Guess what? Your medical records are fair game under the Patriot Act and FISA. Megadittos Rush!

Now let's connect Rush to terrorism. The Dems have been there.... done that. They hold Rush responsible for every "Right Wing Wacko" that comes out of the woodwork. Rush, the Dems consider you to be walking "Hate Speech". Rush you are a human "Hate Crime" waiting to activate the ultra right wing abortion clinic bombers. If the far left had the chance to nail Rush, would they hesitate? If the Republicans had the chance to nail Clinton for umm...nailing Monica, would they even stop to sip their coffee first? The answer is no. If the Republicans won't listen to reason then maybe they'll consider self-preservation and do away with these attacks on the 4th amendment.
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