Friday, December 02, 2005

More fake news, from da guvenator...

Republicans far and wide have a problem with the people who watch the news not being fed the righty party line. One response to this "liberal bias" (read "factual reporting") has been, in several well documented cases, to manufacture news and pay to have it presented as though it were independently researched and produced. Another response was the creation of Fox News, but I digress! The GAO has found that this faux news planting practice is illegal on the national scale, and now this shady tactic has been judged illegal on the state level in California as well.
The lawsuit was filed after Schwarzenegger's administration produced two videos, styled to be like broadcast news reports, promoting emergency regulations changing nurse-to-patient ratios and ending mandatory meal breaks for hourly workers.

Judge Lloyd Connelly said the public's ability to participate in the rule-making process was undermined by the videos because they used members of the public to promote only the administration's point of view and did not tell the public that the matters were still up for public debate.

"By including comments from the public that are solely supporting of the emergency or proposed regulations, the (video news releases) create the misleading impression that the regulations are unopposed by any segments of the public and are not subject to criticism, thereby discouraging any further questioning or investigation of the matter by the public," Connelly wrote in his decision.
Now we all know that since the wingnut manifestation of Governor Schwarzenegger was soundly trounced at the polls with the special election he has taken a sharp turn to the left. But it seems that in regards to the issue of fake news that Governor Schwarzenegger has been turned to the left by judicial decree.

Listen here righties. Paying to have your issues presented as fact does not make it so. If anything it shows a weakness in your logic, because the real truth of these matters does not support your side of the issue. Do you not feel the least bit dirty when you have to manufacture the truth as you see it, in an effort to deceive the public. As Phil Nicholson so famously said, and is so true when it comes to the fake news business of Fox and various other right wing operations around the country and now the world, "you can't handle the truth".

" As Phil Nicholson so famously said, and is so true when it comes to the fake news business of Fox and various other right wing operations around the country and now the world, "you can't handle the truth"."

Ken, just because you report that Phil Nicholson said that line doesn't make it true! The REAL truth is that JACK NICHOLSON had that line. Obvious Liberal bias here. :P Yea, I know. I'm sure it was just a simple mistake. I'm guessing that your a basketball fan and morphed Phil Jackson with Jack Nicholson(Who can often be seen on TV watching the game). Understandable error really.

All kidding aside......are you kidding? Republican manufacturing fake news and Liberal Bias is factual? This might be ok for preaching to the chroir but, don't try that on the possible converts. There will be a slant from Republican dominated media. I'm not up on California issues but, putting out fake news is serious business. I'm sure it happens. There are shady people in all parties. Which goes to the point of Liberal Bias reporting being the Gospel. If you don't think there really is such a thing as Liberal Bias or news given a Democrat friendly flavor, then you will turn off anyone that's not a die hard Dem. It's such an easy target....... *Cough* Dan Rather! I know... you will probably say the papers were not forged and Georgey poo used more "Republican dirty tricks" in yet another "Massive Right Wing Conspiracy". CBS the great bastion of liberalism that it is, still fired people and effectively ended Rather's career over it. Hmmmm...all those anonymous sources the media uses. How about Mikey Moore? You think everything in the Farenheit movie is true? Was that a movie or a faux documentary? Just because you blend some accepted facts in with a bunch of lies and exaggerations does not make the whole thing truthful.

Yea, the Repub's should feel dirty but, so should the Dems when they do it. Feel free to point out Republican outrages. I want you to do that. All parties are made up of flawed human beings. Even we Libertarians. Trying to portray the left as the source of "the truth" that we should blindly follow is just an insult to any thinking person's intelligence. The fact that Fox news is doing so well isn't because they're better at tricking people. It's because the traditional liberal dominated media has been screwing up for a long time and refuses to address their issues. Don't worry. The same thing will happen to Fox and the Republicans. The people will once again realize that, the Republicans are just as shifty as the Dems they threw out of office.
Sheesh... Phil, Jack... All these Nicholsons just have me confused! :P My bad on that one.

But the overall point which you disagree with, evidently, remains. Michael Moore is hardly "the media". He's liberal alright, but he's out there telling people exactly where the stuff he makes is coming from. The difference here would be if Farenheit 911 were not attributed, but just run on TV as fact and not opinion.

Brit, you seem to argue that there is a liberal bias to the news and then point to a piece of work done by 60 minutes. 60 minutes is not quite the type of news we are discussing here. They run invesitgative reports and whichever side is gored is gored. I'll guarantee that they have taken to invesitgating Clinton et al when they were in office as well.

What the REAL issue is is THE NEWS. As in Republicans believe factual news is biased for liberals so they have to manufacture pieces and plant them to make them look like normal news stories.

P.S. I whole heartedly agree with Republicans by the way. Factual reporting intrinsically backs up the liberal side of nearly any argument. There IS a liberal slant to unbiased news reporting simply because unbiased news reports the facts, which in turn supports liberalism.
Ken, investigative reporting is still news. My example was FAKE news purported as factual by a media with a liberal slant. Which was CBS. Of course they did stuff on Clinton's scandals. They would have felt the brunt of their own scandal had they not. The response to your argument there would be that it was done in a light more sympathetic to President Clinton, a watering down of the news.

Unlike yourself, I find a difference between the 'facts' and what is reported by CNN and CBN, CBS and Fox. There is truth on all those media. Yes, even on CBN there is an occasional good factual reporting or two. I can seperate the opinion stained crap that Pat Robertson spews and find stories that are true, not necessarily controversial just news that isn't interesting to the main audiences of other media.

The fact that you claim,

"Factual reporting intrinsically backs up the liberal side of nearly any argument. ",

makes me wonder if you are just as delusional as the good dementia patient Rev. Pat Robertson. You speak of the Kool-aid drinkers but, you kinda sound the same when you equate the real news with liberal news. It sounds like you have a blind hatred of Fox which is likely to be just as accurate as CBS if not more so.

The facts are the facts. No political party is needed or one in the same. The spin is where liberalism or conservatism comes from. Both sides spin. If the Libertarians ever get anyone besides just Ron Paul dressed as a Republican in office, I'm sure we'll spin too. Hopefully we won't make things up out of thin air like the Republicans and you Democrats. However, we're flawed and human too.
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