Thursday, December 22, 2005

O'Reilly wants cab drivers shot dead

If you are wondering what this is all about, the story is here.

Thanks to Agitprop for the tip.

Oh by the way... check out the blotches on this guys face when the makeup corps is not around. And what's up with the whole wandering eye thing?

Blotches and wandering eye thing? Didn't you know? O'Reily is a reptile. Specifically a chameleon. His eye is not wondering, it's scoping out a flying moth. The blotches are part of his camouflage ability.

So just out of curiosity, how are you taking his comment about wanting cab drivers dead? Also, do you listen to his radio show or watch his TV show?
I do not listen to his radio or watch his t.v. show unless I'm skipping around the channel and land on him for 30 seconds.

As for the comment... thats just O'Reilly being O'Reilly. Do I think he really wants them dead? No. He says stuff just to be incendiary all the time.
I am not a weasel...a psuedo-internet-canine...

Bill gets funnier and funnier everytime I hear him...
So liberal with the what exactly are the facts about O'Reilly? That his skin is bad and he like all TV actors wears makeup? He made a bad joke about cab drivers and suggested lefties put it on their sites. Lefties did so, lol!
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