Monday, January 02, 2006

American general: insurgency lacks sustainability

General C.D. Alston , who is described by the white house as a 'senior U.S. general in Baghdad', claims the Iraq insurgency is showing no capacity to carry out numerous and persistent attacks. The next thing you know, some senior white house official is going to declare major combat operations in Iraq are over and that we've accomplished our mission. **snark**

Is it just me or is this an echo of Dick Cheneys famous last throes line from last year? I swear, the administration just pulls this stuff out of their rear end and spreads it liberally around for public consumption. What do they base this on? We can only hope and pray they are not listening to the intelligence being gotten by the Iraqi interior department in their torture chambers. That intelligence is not worth the blood stained confessions they beat and power drill out of their prisoners.

It is clear that the security situation in Iraq is deplorable. Only the most fervent koolaid drinkers find good news amid the daily car bombings and growing death toll from that horrible botchery of a neocon quagmire. The basic mile stones that mark the improvement of the situation in Iraq are bare for all to see. Less oil output than before the invasion, less electricity, running water, security and public satisfaction with their daily lives. If you do not believe these basic truths, put down the koolaid, switch the channel from Fox news, and step away from your NSA monitored computer.

I can't see why you can't believe these guys this time...I mean don't they have to be right eventually?

Of course I have to say they are consistent...consistently full of scat...
Yeah. He says that now, but just wait till that insurgency is in his rear as we march into Iran. :-\
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