Monday, January 02, 2006

More evidence the administration lied us to war.

Here is a story in the L.A. Times that briefly covers an upcoming book titled "State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration". The book covers various topics, but what caught my eye is what the book says about the CIA program to send family members of Iraqi scientists to Iraq to spy. According to the article:
The book said her brother was stunned by her questions about the nuclear program because -- he said -- it had been dead for a decade.


The book said Dr. Alhaddad flew home in mid-September 2002 and had a series of meetings with CIA analysts. She relayed her brother's information that there was no nuclear program.

A CIA operative later told Dr. Alhaddad's husband that the agency believed her brother was lying. In all, the book says, some 30 family members of Iraqis made trips to their native country to contact Iraqi weapons scientists, and all of them reported that the programs had been abandoned.
Thus, despite the fact that the CIA repeatedly sent family members to Iraq to spy, and they ALL told the same story (there was no nuclear program) somehow the CIA determined they were all lying, and actually helped formulate the National Intelligence Estimate that purported Iraq was building a nuclear weapon. This is willful disregard of the truth that was presented to the CIA and another example of the lies and deceit that led us to an unnecessary war in Iraq. As if we did not already have a mountain of evidence to prove the point.

There are times when some see what they want to see and reality be damned. The US was not the only country with an Intelligence agency that determined that Iraq had WMDs. Although nuclear WMDs were not the only WMDs under concern, I can see the CIA not seeing the forest for the Bushes.

"They must be wrong, not connecting with the right people, or lying. Find the evidence somewhere else. We know they have a program. Find it."

Republicans are supposed to be strong on Defense and capable of defending America? This Intelligence failure is something the Democrats would do well to focus on. "Ummm...they messed up too", doesn't cut it. We should expect more of US agencies.

Focus on the incompetence, not your reasons for not going there to begin with. Whether you are correct or not, the majority don't see it that way. The fact that there was incompetence regarding Intelligence and the reconstruction phase planning is widely accepted. The violation of rights and torture thing will bring votes as well.
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Not lying..."freedom truths" to protect us from the "evildoers"...
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