Monday, January 09, 2006

They were for it, before they were against it...

The New York Times offers an article detailing how the Republican party is hoping to hurt the candidacy of Eliot Spencer for New York governor due to his temper.
A spokesman for Representative Sue Kelly, a Republican, said Mr. Spitzer had acted like a thug during one argument by saying that he would cause trouble for her in her district if she continued to oppose legislation he favored.
He did WHAT?! He would cause trouble for her in her district? I'm quite certain this is the very first time in recorded history this has ever happened. Unless you count all the times Tom Delay prowled the house floor in close votes arm twisting to get his way. Other than that though I'm certain there has never been another example where someone was threatened in their home district if they did not vote a certain way.

Three fellow Democrats confirmed that he turned hot-tempered when they challenged him.

And in a quarrel with the attorney general of California, Mr. Spitzer told him that he was a kid from the Bronx who was willing to "step outside" to settle fights, according to a magazine article.
Holy Moly! What an out of control loose cannon Democrat we have on our hands. Obviously the Republican party has a hot button issue with which to portray the opposition and win overwhelming support for their candidate. But, upon further consideration let me bring to my readers recollection the nomination of... John Bolton.

You see, in New York there is another position that is filled where-in the temperament of the office holder may reflect upon the whole nation. And the president of the United States nominated a legendary hot head to fill this spot. The ambassador to the United Nations is the ambassador of the United States to the rest of the world. We now have an ambassador well known for amongst other things, trying to have subalterns from other departments fired for not agreeing with his conclusions, chasing a woman through a hotel and pounding on her door over a political dispute, multiple temper tantrums over political differences in which the recipient of the vitriol feared for their careers, and finally cultivating a mustache that has its own independent ecosystem. Well the last qualification may not be pertinent, but the rest of that list is pretty informative now that we have the meek and humble Republicans railing against the temperament of the presumptive Democratic nominee for New York governor.

Now to be fair we must recollect that not all Republican senators are kool aid drinking administration automatons, (most are but not all) so the president was not able to gain the constitutionally mandated advice and consent of the senate for Mr. Boltons appointment. The president therefore used a recess appointment to install Mr. Bolton into the ambassadorship. This is the same president we now know is famously intermperate with those who do not kow tow to his whims. The same president who called a reporter for the New York Times... a bad name. (One so HORRIBLE I dare not repeat it here for fear of my mortal soul! Ok he called her a bitch.) The same president who is legendary for blowing his stack when some poor staffer approaches him with bad news. The same president who on multiple occasions has extended his middle finger to the press in a universal sign of contempt. A gesture that is singly responsible for multiple instances of road rage on a daily basis.

So now the Democrats are being tagged by the Republicans for having someone with a bit of a temper running for office. Given the record of short tempered Republicans now serving I would have to conclude that truth be told they are not too concerned with Mr. Spitzers temperament. They are concerned he will draw a huge cross over vote from registered Republicans!

[update: I have the curse that president Bush portrayed the N.Y. times reporter with wrong. He actually called N.Y. times reporter Adam Clymer (to paraphrase) a major league a-hole...

Also I can't believe I took the time to pound out a post about Republicans flying off the handle and did not mention vice president Cheney once. Who can forget the time Mr. Cheney told senator Pat Leahy to (to paraphrase) f yourself. On the senate floor no less!

Finally all this leads me to comment on my personal preference when it comes to coarse language. I prefer to not use it, but if others around me do or if it is used in comments on the blog I personally take no offence. I certainly do NOT wish to come across all holier than thou in this regard, and I will in no way censor you if you choose to use profanity in comments.

Of course holding true to this policy can be a bit trying when quoting various wingnuts who despite their family values and piety are notorious for using vulgarity.]

Yes, but you forget it's okay when the Republicans get angry, because it righteous know like that hippie they're always quoting was into.
In an interview with Rolling Stone prior to the election Kerry attacked the administration's actions in Iraq, saying: 'Did I expect George Bush to fuck it up as badly as he did? I don't think anybody did.'

I think he was trying to look like he was cool and had some testosterone or somthing by using that language. Bush, Kerry, whoever. It is just not professional and we should expect more. A "major a-hole", how High School of the President to say that. To be honest, I don't sympahize with the press much. For some reason I thought it funny when he flipped the 'bird'. I guess because I had to watch that clip multiple times to make sure that's what he did, I found it humorous. The Hollywood elite have their tabloid stalkers, I understand how a president may at times hold the press in such a low regard. Hehe. Other than that it displays a lack of class in my opinion. An yea, Bolton is an eternal spoiled child throwing chronic tantrums.

I think people will give the candidate for governor a pass. The important thing is that he not do something like that in the campaign.
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