Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Cheney cocktail.

I was watching Keith Olbermann tonight and he mentioned that Katherine Armstrong had reported that after the hunting accident vice president Cheney mixed himself a cocktail. Media Matters confirms this while bringing attention to the differing versions of the alcohol imbibed that day from Ms. Armstrong statements.

This means that after the accident, but before being interviewed by law enforcement, that the owner of the ranch has the vice president drinking a cocktail. Mr. Cheney admits having a beer at lunch some four hours prior to the accident. How is it that the vice president would drink immediately after the accident but before speaking to law enforcement? This was at least his second drink of the day, and the vice president mixed beer and hard liquor during the course of the days drinking. It seems as though he could hardly try harder to be under the influence the evening of the accident, before law enforcement interviewed him. One can only speculate as to why a gunshot victim were admitted to the hospital in the early evening on Saturday, but the vice president was not interviewed until mid morning the next day, but the appearance here is hardly complimentary of the vice president, or local law enforcement.

One other thing to consider, and this is entirely speculation on my part. There is a time between the lunch and the hunt where the hunting party relaxes inside the ranch. It is admitted by the vice president that he drank a beer during lunch. But we are to think that during those couple of hours when the hunters were relaxing inside the ranch and digesting their lunches that there was no alcoholic consumtption what-so-ever? I would tend to believe this if there was no drinking at lunch. But once establishing that the party was drinking at the lunch, and then immediately relaxed about the house I find it difficult to believe that the drinks were verbotten at that point. I certainly have no evidence at this point to back up this supposition, but to me it just makes sense.

I really wish that the medications being taken by the vice president were known. I would really like to know the effects of those drugs when mixed with alcohol. Toss in guns, and little birds and you have a virtual recipe for disaster!!

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