Thursday, February 02, 2006

Iraq is a cancer... Or helping Al Qaida with a cat house in Baghdad

Robert J Stein has plead guilty to graft charges in connection with contracts being doled out in Iraq. Pretty standard fare for the way of the world in Bush's quagmire. The part that really caught my attention is the following line:
As part of their bribery scheme, Stein and his co-conspirators dispensed and received a gamut of other items like cigars, alcohol, first-class plane tickets, and "money-laundering services," according to the papers. And if all of that were not enough reason for Stein to love giving money to his partner, the papers say, there was another: Bloom kept a villa in Baghdad where he provided women who gave sexual favors to officials he hoped to influence, including Stein.
Just to understand what this means: Officials administering the rebuilding effort in Iraq were running a prostitution ring in Baghdad!

How has America come to this! We are supposed to be the ones fighting for truth justice and the American way? Under the leadership of the worst president ever the American way, as demonstrated by our conduct in Iraq has become twisted to mean graft, corruption, chaos, torturing prisoners and prostitution rings.

I want the America I grew up believing in to return. I realize our history is replete with war and racism. But I believed when I was growing up that we were trying to better ourselves, striving to overcome the past mistakes and honestly attempting to be a beacon of freedom in the world. Yet the last few years it seems that this dream has been subverted by the over arching drive of the neo conservative movement to establish a global empire. Bring back MY America!

Our enemies in the war on terror are driven by a religious fanaticism. The invasion of Iraq has been a tremendous favor handed to them by this administration. Now comes word that officials in Baghdad were running a house of ill repute... How do you think this plays into the hands of our enemies?

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