Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nasa visitor center: U.S. citizens only

Raw Story links to a story in the Free Times that details the effect of new security measures taken at NASA. It seems that as of May 2005 that only American citizens are allowed to visit the NASA visitors center. This means tourists, guest workers, and foreign exchange students are barred from the visitors center because they may pose a terrorist risk.

Give me a freaking break! This center is the public face of NASA and it makes sense that we would welcome foreigners to see this wonderful ode to American ingenuity and enterprise. Indeed NASA has made a point of outreach to other nations. Can you imagine the indignation if we did not allow foreign astronauts on board the space shuttle because those astronauts may pose a security risk? When we landed on the moon the famous quote was not "one small step for man, one giant leap for Americans!" It was one giant leap for mankind... as in all of mankind, both foreign and American. Young and old. All colors, sizes, intelligence... ALL MANKIND!

Now we are supposed to be in such danger that we can not allow those threatening foreigners to threaten the NASA visitor center. Have we really reached the point in our national psyche that we are so spooked that we take this type of action? The story in the free press details how this policy has stopped a class of kindergarteners from taking what once was an annual trip to see the "rocket ships". The class could not go on the field trip because two of the kids are not American citizens.

This policy is wrong headed and needs to be reversed.

Makes eminent sense to me. I mean, we wouldn't want those f'reign nationals hearing all those wrong-headed ideas on global warming, would we?
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