Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Science takes another hit from the Bush admin.

The Associated Press reports on yet another example of the administration punishing scientists for not making up science to fit the presidents right wing fantasy view of the world.

The administration requested a scientific study of the effects of salvage logging in burned forests. In wingnut world it is a given that the clear cutting of burned forests helps prevent further wildfires by clearing debris. Guess what? The science actually determined that this logging contributed to the possibility of wildfire by adding fuel content to the forest floor and also killed seedlings. These are unacceptable results in Bushworld... and these scientists must be punished! Remove their funding, and let that be a lesson to any other scientists who are so foolish as to not politicize their findings. Add this example to the growing and mammoth pile of cases where-in the administration has punished scientists for simply being scientists, and not administration policy toadies.

Odd, is it not, that this action comes from the very same president who in the recent state of the union yawner called for the training of 70,000 math and science teachers. By what right does this president propose with any standard of believability that he is the benefactor of the future scientists of America? He has done all in his power to make a mockery of the modern day scientific community.

There is something odd here. Normally, publication of results occurs at the end of the research. So why should we taxpayers keep funding the study? Based on the limited info the article gives, I applaud the decision to cut the funding.
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