Sunday, February 05, 2006


Well here I am watching the Seahawks finish out the season with a loss in the superbowl...

I really really am disapointed with the officiating of this game. There are several calls (offensive pass interference taking away a touchdown when the replay clearly shows no pass interference, a non existent holding call to take back a play that had the Seahawks to the 1 yard line, and several other big plays) that really took the wind out of the Seahawks sails. Without these calls I'm convinced the Seahawks not only would have won the game, but they would have run away with it in the 3rd quarter. My girlfriend thinks they should bring in instant replay on penalties. I can see her point after this!

[update: For awhile after the game I thought that maybe my anger over the officiating of this game was just me being biased as a long time Seahawks fan. It is not. ESPN's boards are awash with ranting about the calls. And it turns out maybe my g.f. is onto something when it comes to replay review of questionable calls. Check out this post game article for a sportwriters take on just such a proposal.]

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