Thursday, March 23, 2006

2nd non political post in a row! James Earl Jones voices Chef?

I just watched the Chef Returns episode of South Park. I am convinced that James Earl Jones is actually going to be the new Chef/Vader and that the last few lines were not some sort of impersonation. My fiancee disagrees and thinks that James Earl Jones would never do it. I have no way of knowing as this just aired so I thought I'd see if anyone who may read this... 1: cared, and 2: had their own opinion. I think it would be absolutely PERFECT if Jones voiced Chef.

(South Park is a big hit in my home in case you couldn't tell!) :P

Just to throw a political slant on the whole South Park issue, if you think it is ridiculous that Comedy Central pulled the Out of the Closet episode under pressure from Tom Cruze, check out this petition from fans calling on Comedy Central to get some cajones!

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