Friday, March 17, 2006

Conservatives, time for a reality check.

One of the latest hobbies of (true or paleo) conservatives recently has been to sit around the homestead and genuflect on whether or not President Bush is a true conservative or not. One of the most glommed on facts which point to his not being truly conservative is that he has yet to veto one spending bill (or any other bill for that matter) presented him by this Congress.

Here's the deal Mr. and Mrs. conservative genuflecter. While you contemplate the conservative credentials of this President, would you not be well served to also consider the conservativeness, or lack there-of, of the Congress which sends these bills to the President?

So I suppose considering that "conservatives" control both the Congress and Presidency, only to see our national debt blossom to heights any "liberal" would be hard pressed to imitate, that I can expect my "conservative" brethren to admit the error of their ways and start voting for true fiscal sanity by supporting Democrats right? RIGHT?!

What is that deafening sound I hear from the right?

So to all my conservative friends... while reflecting that the President has yet to veto one bill sent to his desk as a mark against his conservative credentials, just remember who it is that are making the bills that reach him in the first place.

I might as well speak up on this one. There was that claim of deafening silence.

President Bush might be accurately described as a "Conservative" regarding social issues however, he's definitely a fiscal liberal. The difference between Bush and your sterotypical welfare lovin', free spendin', special interest bribe'n, Democrat that wants Big Government to be his daddy, is just that Bush hands welfare out to different corporations and special interests. Bush wants the church and blind patriotism to be your "Daddy".

When it comes to unchecked spending and the encroachment on civil liberties, many of us do consider Bush to be anything but, a conservative. Don't worry, some of us also hold the Legislative branch to be just a responsible. I'm not even happy with the Eminent Domain lovin' Republican Supreme Court! Does that mean I should vote for Democrats now? Perhaps.

When it comes to spending our money, just call him LBJ jr. Bush has been said to be spending money like a drunken sailor. The difference is that at least the sailor is spending his own money! Bush is spending ours. I think it was Peggy Noonan that was quoted with that sailor thing but, I'm not sure. I agree, so I guess that means I'll be voting Democrat for President and Congress right?

I just might do that. When it comes to the Presidential election it depends on who is running. For the first time however, there is a strong chance that I'll Vote for a Democrat. I'm frustrated with my congressmen's willingness to rubberstamp everything to include the loss of our freedoms for the sake of security. Sure, the economy is actually good.......for now. Sorry Democrats, the economy is strong at the moment. Keep on spending and the Fed will have to raise interest rates to stave off inflation though. The increasing debt is really a back alley tax increase. It has to be paid for at some point. As the debt rises, the yearly deficit amounts to higher finance charges, then we are endangered by inflation and the future cost of government. It all amounts to a back door tax increase also as you watch the value of the dollar falter. Sure the economy is doing well at the moment. The problem is what does it matter how much money you have if you don't have an ironclad right to property? The use of Eminent Domain takes that away. You are supposed to be fairly compensated for any Taking. The problem is the "Fair Market" value goes down the toilet as soon as any governmental authority expresses interest in condemning your land.

I know many Democrats are spewing faux praises to the Constituition, a document that they once called an archaic paper written by dead white men. I know many are blowing smoke up my @&&. They are doing it because they are on the losing side or want to be seen opposing Bush in a public and principled stand.

Really I don't care why the Democrats are voting more for freedom now. I don't care WHY they oppose Bush's spending. I will reward the action regardless. I'll vote to throw the bums out now and later vote the Democrats out later when they backslide. Sooner or later, they might get a clue. The only thing that would get me to vote for my Congressman here is if she were to co-sponsor the Fair Tax bill. Her opponent is a credentialed conservative Democrat. He stands a very good chance to get my vote. Frustration will yield consequences.
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