Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm back with big news on the home front...

The bald headed freak is engaged to be married! Who would have thought it ever could have happened... Not me!! The date is tentatively set for June 3. =oD

Oh congratulations my dear. Marriage is such a lovely gift. To give and to receive. Many blessings to you and your wife to be! Woo hoo!!!
Congrats, my friend! Many happy years together...
Thank you very much... I must say I'm a very lucky fella. I appreciate the congrats :)
Dude! Congratulations! As a happily married frog (the frogette and I will be celebrating our 18th this upcoming September), I highly recommend the institution.

Will she be taking your name? Mrs. BHFRIK? Or keeping her maiden name.
Hee hee! Mrs. Bhfrik...

Actually she will take my name. One of her friends said that the combination of her 1st name and my last was so pretty that that was reason enough alone to accept the proposal... :)
Congratulations to you and Carrie! :)
I applaud her for taking your family name. I did and felt it was the least I could do for the man I love. We are a family now (three kids) and all have the same name. It's a fine thing and does not take anything away from me feminist wise, imho. But you've given me an idea. From now on my blog will refer to him as "Mr. Blue Gal".
Congratulations man.
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