Monday, March 06, 2006

Losing Korea: Taking our ball and going home.

Asia Times Online has an excellent analyses of the situation on the Korean peninsula.
South Korea and the US have drifted so far apart on North Korea policy there is now speculation the longtime partners are getting close to divorce.

Kurt Campbell, former US deputy assistant secretary of defense for Asia and the Pacific, reportedly likened the two to a king and queen who live separately but pretend to be happy before their subjects. The allies do not want to announce their divorce because it would have enormous consequences, he said at a seminar in Washington on February 27.
Of course who wouldn't want a divorce from King George? Oh right... Tony Blair. Odd how we fought the revolution to free ourselves from the King of England and now England is playing footsy with the King of America. But I digress!!
Sending such signals seems to be in line with Roh's US policy. In his New Year's address in late January, the president said that if the US tries to solve matters with North Korea by methods aimed at the regime's collapse, it will cause a feud between Washington and Seoul. This suggests he sees US financial pressure on North Korea as a hardline scenario aimed at toppling the Kim regime.
Hardline scenario?! Believe me Mr. Roh, economic sanctions from this administration is them taking a soft pedal approach.
If a conservative candidate supporting the alliance fails to win the Korean presidential election of 2007, the US is forecast to withdraw its forces from South Korea, according to diplomatic sources. In fact, speculation the allies' split may be imminent has begun spreading since Roh took office in 2003 - mainly because his government has officially sought much more autonomy from Washington in its North Korea and military policies.
In effect American troops presence in North Korea may be determined by the outcome of the election in 2007. If this election is not to the administrations liking we are liable to figuratively take our ball and go home.

This administrations bullycose (bellicose I know, but I like the look of bully) attitude has alienated our ally, to the point that we may no longer be welcome to station our troops on the DMZ. Imagine if in 3 years we see a united Korea, armed with nukes. We would simply shake our heads at yet another foreign policy disaster from this administration. This 'our way or no way at all' attitude with foreign policy has led this nation from one disaster to the next. Now our entire relationship with S. Korea apparently hinges on their next election.

Given this administrations history with predicting elections (the guys we like are ALWAYS gonna win before the election, but after we are SHOCKED at the outcome) I'm not very hopeful on the Korea front...

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